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For his conduct of negotiations leading to an armistice in the First Arab-Israeli War, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in ; he was the first African American recipient of this honor. The Ella Baker Prize is awarded annually to an undergraduate who has demonstrated academic excellence, intellectual commitment to the field of African American Studies and who has written a thesis that advances our understanding of the African American experience. The award is named for the brilliant activist, organizer, leader and Harlem resident, Ella Baker. Martin Luther King.

She would serve as an important mentor to these young people throughout the rest of her life. Governed Electives The "governed electives" category must include courses from at least three different departments, providing an interdisciplinary background in the field of African-American Studies. Note: you cannot count one of your governed electives within your designated area of study. Designated Area of Study A Designated Area of Study, preferably within a distinct discipline for example, history, politics, sociology, literature, anthropology, psychology, etc.

Students may also select courses within a particular geographical area or region or an interdisciplinary field of study.

Any of the departmental disciplines history, political science; sociology, anthropology, literature, art history; psychology, religion, music, etc. A minimum of twenty-seven 27 points is required for the completion of the major. The major should be arranged in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies. Students interested in majoring should plan their course of study no later than the end of their sophomore year.


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Core Requirements All majors must complete to satisfaction the core required courses. The core requirements are:. Core Requirements All concentrators must complete to satisfaction the core required courses. From the arrival of enslaved Africans to the recent election of President Barack Obama, black people have been central to the story of the United States, and the Americas, more broadly. To capture the complexities of this ongoing saga, this course offers an inter-disciplinary exploration of the development of African-American cultural and political life in the U.

Students will be introduced to a range of disciplinary methods and theoretical approaches spanning the humanities and social sciences , while also attending to the critical tension between intellectual work and everyday life, which are central to the formation of African-American Studies as an academic field. This course will engage specific social formations i. In attempting to answer this question, we will be thinking through concepts such as authenticity, representation, recognition, cultural ownership, appropriation, and origin s. These concepts have structured the ways in which critics, musicians and audiences have addressed the various social, political and aesthetic contexts in which African-American music has been composed produced , performed re-produced and heard consumed.

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This undergraduate seminar examines a diverse group of black intellectuals' formulations of ideologies and theories relative to racial, economic and gender oppression within the context of dominant intellectual trends. The intellectuals featured in the course each contributed to the evolution of black political thought, and posited social criticisms designed to undermine racial and gender oppression, and labor exploitation around the world.

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This seminar is designed to facilitate an understanding of the black intellectual tradition that has emerged as a result of African-American thinkers' attempts to develop a unified response to an understanding of the black condition. This course explores of a wide range of primary and secondary sources from several different periods, offering students opportunity to explore the lives and works of some of the most important black intellectuals.

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  5. We will also consider the way that period-specific intellectual phenomenon-such as Modernism, Marxism, Pan-Africanism, and Feminism-combined with a host of social realities. Students who choose to write a capstone paper or conduct a capstone project can choose an elective course the following semester.

    For example, a student may choose to write a historical biography of an artist while another may pursue a sociological study of the effects of mass incarceration on voting rights. The instructor of the Thesis Seminar, working with a faculty adviser dependent on the specific field of inquiry in the thesis , will provide feedback and supervise the writing schedule of the students. This course will examine the relationship between popular music and popular movements. We will be taking a historical, as well as a thematic, approach to our investigation as a way to trace various legacies within popular music that fall under the rubric of "protest music" as well as to think about the ways in which popular music has assisted various communities to speak truth to power.

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    We will also consider the ways in which the impact of the music industry has either lessened or enhanced popular music's ability to articulate "protest" or "resistance" to hegemonic power. To apply for course enrollment, please contact Prof. Samuel Roberts skroberts columbia. This course provides an introduction to historical and contemporary concepts and issues in the U.

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    This course has been approved for inclusion in the African-American Studies and History undergraduate curricula. Introduction to third world studies; an introduction to the methods and theories that inform the field of third world studies aka ethnic studies , including imperialism, colonialism, third world liberation movements, subjectivities, and racial and social formation theories;.

    All forms of writing in the AAAS require you to consider a question, develop an original answer, and support it using specific evidence, but an honors thesis requires you to take two additional steps: you must define the question to be answered and locate the body of primary and secondary sources from which your answers will be drawn. Ideally, the thesis should serve as a capstone experience to your undergraduate education in African and African American Studies.

    To a great extent, the success of your thesis will depend on the care with which you take to frame the research question. At the outset of a new project, many scholars find it useful to frame their ideas in the form of a research proposal or prospectus that can be modified in response to constructive criticism. The proposal should be about three pages long and must address with clarity and coherence the following questions:. What makes the problem interesting to you and significant to other scholars?

    How does it relate to existing scholarship in the field of your research interest? What methods and sources will you use to analyze and solve the problems that you have identified? In what ways does it relate to current scholarship in your field of research?

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    Do you have adequate skills language skills, research experience, background training, and relevant course work to do your proposed research project? Search Search Search this site. Search Brandeis. Preparing a Formal Thesis Proposal.