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With a premium plan, you can even attach related files and images to reference later. Want to learn more about mind mapping? Check out our mind mapping tutorial , or discover nine ways to use mind maps to jumpstart your projects. Well-structured writing starts with a well-structured outline. WorkFlowy makes outlining straightforward: the app lets you quickly create an organized summary of any writing project and all of its parts using bullet points and nested lists. Start with the broad strokes—section names, big ideas, themes—and nest related details and research beneath those bullets.

WorkFlowy also offers hashtag-based tagging and search features, so you don't have to worry about creating too many lists or letting bullet points run wild. You can zoom in on any list by clicking on the corresponding bullet point. Plus, if you hover over a bullet point, you'll see options to complete, add a note to, share, export, duplicate, or delete that item. Use the Complete option to tick off sections of your outline as you finish writing them, or drag and drop bulleted lists to organize your outline into logical sections.

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If WorkFlowy isn't right for you, check out our guide to the best outlining tools —many of which have free plans—to find the best app for your needs. If you have a general idea of what you want to write about but need to expand your ideas, mind mapping helps.

If you have lots of ideas but need to organize them, outlining helps. But what about when you need to write something but have no idea what to write about?

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Enter up to five nouns into the generator, and it produces titles for five blog posts or if you're willing to provide contact information. While the titles it suggests are somewhat formulaic, it does provide suggestions for unique angles you can take with your piece. For example, say you know you want to write about conferences but aren't sure what you want to say about them. Enter conferences into the Blog Ideas Generator, and you'll get suggestions like "Conferences: Expectations vs. You can take those suggestions and run with them, or read through them to try and trigger other ideas for topics and angles you're interested in writing about.

If you try these tools and are still staring at a blank page, check out some of our favorite writing tips for generating ideas and overcoming writer's block. Once you have a topic in mind, it's time to conduct your research and compile your notes. Whether you need to transcribe an interview, access paywalled research papers, or see what else has been published online, these tools can help. You could compile notes for your content by taking screenshots of the research you want to include and pasting those screenshots in a Google Doc, scribbling down handwritten notes in a notebook, or creating a custom list of bookmarks.

But all of these options are time-consuming and hard to search. Evernote provides a simpler option. Using Evernote's web clipper, you can capture full articles online in a couple of clicks. The articles are then added to Evernote where you can organize collected research into different notebooks, read the full-text of articles you've saved, search all of your collected research at once, and share your collected research with others. Plus, you can automate your note taking with Evernote's Zapier integrations. With Evernote's premium plan, you can use its mobile app to scan in handwritten notes, pages of books, and business cards.

Scanned documents are also searchable, making it easy to find what you're looking for regardless of its format. This makes it a great place to keep things you may need to reference in the future. If Evernote isn't right for your needs, find an alternative in our guide to the best note taking apps. You conducted a Google search and found a result for a research paper or article that seems like it has exactly the data you need to cite.

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Unfortunately, you can't read it because the site you landed on wants you to pay a fee to access the full-text version. Instead of shelling out to read a paper that may or may not have the information you need, use Unpaywall 's Chrome and Firefox extensions to see if there's a free copy of the paper available anywhere online. When you land on a result for a paywalled paper or article that's available for free elsewhere, a green unlocked icon displays; click it to open a free copy of the paper.

Unpaywall harvests data from sources like journals' open-access repositories and university and government databases, ensuring you're never infringing copyright when you access a paywalled article for free. Unpaywall doesn't work on everything—for example, it won't get you past the paywall on your favorite news site—but if you need to reference paywalled scholarly articles from time to time, it's absolutely worth installing to save yourself some time and money.

If part of your writing process consists of transcribing audio or video interviews or content, oTranscribe removes some of the more time-consuming aspects of the process by putting your audio controls and word processor on a single screen. Simply upload your audio or video file, press play, and start typing your transcription onto the blank page.

This removes all of the back-and-forth of playing audio in one app and typing in another. Plus, keyboard controls let you play and pause the audio easily by tapping the Esc key. Other controls let you jump forward or back a few seconds or adjust the speed of the audio playback. When you're finished, you can download your transcription in Markdown, plain text, or oTranscribe formats, or sign in to Google to save it directly to your Google Drive.

Tired of transcribing? Use our guide to the best transcription apps and services to find an automated transcription tool or human-powered transcription service to do the work for you. It does all the content research for me, puts them together in paragraphs and generates a piece of content that meets my keyword limit, is highly informative and very readable. Its simple user interface, speed, research and data accuracy and intelligence make it well worth every penny I spent. Mohamed Sanih. I was struggling to get my articles accepted by Ezine Articles for all sorts of reasons so I purchased IAW and created 2 different articles.

This is an excellent piece of software that saves hours of time-consuming research, and with a little bit of tweaking can produce hundreds of unique articles on any subject!

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If you struggle to write your own articles or just don't have the time to create them, this software is the answer! Peter Budd. It's certainly not my style to send out website testimonials for products, but this seriously is something quite exceptional. Once you've had a few days to become fully familiar with how to operate Instant Article Wizard properly, I'd be extremely surprised if it didn't completely revolutionise your writing habits.

I am a full-time internet content writer. As such, since I earn a living by creating articles, I have no problem whatsoever getting pieces of work finished to a high standard and in the time agreed with my clients. W that this truly incredible program will expedite your turnaround time of text material, quite realistically, to the most profound degree of any software product currently available.

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However, for me personally it's without doubt the research aspect within the mighty Instant Article Wizard that I honestly could not appreciate more. The results that the software returns are nearly always as good as it gets. Even greater is the fact that the vast amount of time that can easily disappear when preparing the raw factual details necessary to develop a solid article, is usually reduced to only a few minutes - on practically any subject matter at all.

Simon Hillam. I have to admit that I struggle writing new articles. I have tried spinners, article networks, PLR, and it all comes back to the same thing. At the end of the day you have to come up with some sort of unique content if you want to get your articles published in somebody's site, or in the major article directories. PLR articles are a joke, they have been spun so much that they generate their own confusion. In other words, they are useless. Then I found Instant Article writer. It creates a unique article from a series of sources, and sets it up in distinct paragraphs which make it very easy to generate an article with excellent content.

It is even easier after that to fine tune it to get it perfect. I have only been using it for a few weeks, and I am totally sold. It is a brilliant concept, and it delivers better quality articles than anything I have tried before. My writer's block is gone.

I do not fear writing articles any more, I thrive in it. Joe Conde. By combining several great softwares into one it has helped me deliver good quality content in minutes. Trust me, I don't really like to write at all, never mind about writing effectively and the Instant Article Wizard takes me through the process and it delivers everything it says it does. Perhaps now I can start to keep up with the Pros! Salute to Instant Article Wizard.

I am in the process of creating additional niche websites. In the past, I have done my own content. IAW is so easy to use and has saved me both time and money. I am able to create professional content and use it to get backlinks to my sites. What a Great Product! Thanks again. I just purchased this awesome software, about two weeks ago. Let me tell you, this works so well, now I'm blasting out unique articles like nobody's business. I recommend this, and AMR to any serious marketer You'd have to be a fool not to use this! As an intermediate web design and SEM marketer, I know the importance of good content in your webm or blog pages.

Writing articles is NOT one of my strong points either. When I saw this tool I decided to try it and I am truly glad I did. I wish I had it when I was trying to build up one of my old "Authority" type sites, because it completely eliminates "writers block"! Not only that, it is an incredibly useful tool to dig up way more information than you would probably need for the keywords that you feed into it, and then helps you spin it as well!

It's not complicated to use either. I just jumped in and started to play with it for a couple of days a user guide is included in the download but I seldom read those things , and have pretty much gotten to learn how to use it effectively. At the moment I can only afford to have two tools in my toolbox and IAW has become my new "power driver". Thank you, Jon, for developing such an excellent piece of software.


If you guys are reading this and still thinking about buying it? Then check out my new blog I just "slapped together" with this little powerhouse. Articles and Research Literally at your Fingertips!