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In addition, a banned book list decries what people should not say and study Campbell 1 Students will consider the events in banned books not worth learning. This includes novels about important wars that are banned because they depict violence, such as My Brother Sam is Dead and Schindler's List. Finally, children learn to believe that security is better than freedom Granberry Instead of fighting for the gain of unabridged knowledge, students will grow up accepting obstructions in life because some one tells them to obey them.

Censoring can have no positive outcome on todays students.

Besides creating a limit on education, book banning also has a negative effect on how the students live. Edwards Award winner for the year , claims that the biggest negative effect [of book banning] is on the relationship of those who loudly challenge the books and the kids they try to ban them from Flow. For instance, if a teenage girl has seen her parent campaign openly against a book because it contains a story about teenage pregnancy, the girl will never turn to her parent if she desires knowledge about having sex or pregnancy even it does not pertain to her.

Banning a book requires so much hate that it scares the children.

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In order to ban a book, a parent must display such strong negative feelings and the student will think that they caused their parents to have so much anger. Aside from tainting relationships, banned booklists also change students perspectives on government for the worst.

Rudolf Anaya, author of the frequently challenged book Bless Me Ultima, believes that Freedom of democracy is learned in [the] school system, and that when parents tell other parents children what they can and cannot read the students learn to live an un-American, un-democratic and un-educational, life ALA. Enforcing a banned booklist resembles a childs form of a dictatorship. A dictator tells people what to do and a banned booklist tell student what to read. Restricting books also criminalizes actions and thus promotes in tolerability Censorship 2.

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If parents ban a book because it contains lesbians or gays, students will develop a negative outlook on homosexuals. A banned booklist has dire consequences on every student it affects.

The real controversy of book banning comes from the opinion of a books inappropriateness and how much censorship its inappropriateness justifies. People restrict Huckleberry Finn for promoting racism because it uses the term Nigger frequently, but any average reader of the book knows that it condemns bigotry and racism Campbell 2. Parents also ban books because they think they encourage children to do the bad thing that they read ALA. Parents ban the poetry book, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstien, because it Promotes cannibalism, but how can this be justified?

Parents have no proof that a poem can do this. The news has never reported a story about man-eating children, Influenced by a poem. Parents should have a right to say what their children cannot read, but they do not have the freedom to say what other parents children cannot access Sowell A parent can easily request an alternate assignment instead of making the whole school suffer the loss of a piece of literature because they felt their child could not handle the contents of the book.

No single parent should have the right to restrict access to any book from any child for any reason. Experts who believe book bans do not occur make false claims.

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Just because a school library has a book on its shelf does not mean that school officials encourage or have not banned it ALA. The schools may not oust the books from its campus totally, but students do not receive as good an opportunity to read and study the book. Reserved sections in libraries make it difficult for student to check out those books e.

If a students needs permission from a teacher to check out a book they will probably never want to check the book and, much like banning a book, they are discouraged from reading that work of literature. In Jacksonville, Florida, a student can read the book Snow White only with parental consent Granberry Any time a student needs to work harder than usual to check out a book or teachers cannot teach the book in a classroom for their curriculum school officials have banned it.

The law also forbade booksellers and librarians to make public the fact that they had even received such orders. How this provision got past Congress can only be explained by the heat of a moment. But as soon as you start controlling what people read, you knock off the country you were trying to protect. You can read that in the Constitution.

Ban the books? If you really want to keep the country safe, put up more bookstores, put up more libraries. Come to think of it, put up a library on the World Trade Center site, a local public library branch of the kind where millions of Americans learned how to think and dream for themselves. And in this local library, put as many different books as possible. Put every book under the sun. The sun is known for casting light.

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Everybody is trying not to step on the toes of the dog lovers, the cat lovers, doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs, Mormons, Baptists, Unitarians, second-generation Chinese, Swedes, Italians, Germans, Texans, Brooklynites, Irishmen, people from Oregon or Mexico. So I think that the School Board should not ban a book just, because one group of people or one person is offended.

So profanity might offend one person, but profanity is just a part of school that cannot be eliminated. Fahrenheit is a classic that can be very valuable to ones education.

Book Banning Essay

The book shows what can happen when people no longer have a thirst for knowledge. The people that have Harvard degrees have to hide in the wilderness like outlaws hiding from the law. They have walking camps all along the railroad where they share the knowledge that they still retain. All of the intellectuals have to hide, because they are wanted and hunted in the cities. There is something to be said of this when education has no value and it is better to know nothing and ask no questions.

Students hate their teachers now, but what if they could not learn at all, they would thirst for the knowledge. The book shows what can happen when there is a lack of education.

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Fahrenheit shows some very scary and reasonable revelations for what might happen to the future of this country and world. Ray Bradbury talks of nuclear wars, parlor televisions, and the censorship of books.