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While a lot has changed with the MBE since , the core information is still relevant. Additional MP3s wiill be added as time permits. Every examinee should listen to MP3s during their studies to see if they find an auditory learning style effective.

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However, even if you are not an auditory learner, you should take advantage of these MP3s to form different memory impressions when you study. I see first-hand the difficulties that retakers face. Accordingly, whenever a failing examinee asks me for advice, I give it. However, depending on how busy I am, I may not respond for a few weeks. The form is an efficient way for me to determine as much of your situation as possible to formulate an appropriate response.

The form contains a set of questions that I generally ask people who email me for advice. As with anything, the more data I have, the more effective my analysis. Once I review your information, I will give you my honest opinion about what I think you should do for your next attempt. For example, a failing J16 examinee who passed in F17 told me: " Your analysis and advice was instrumental for my retake in February and I found out I passed last week by 7 points after failing by 11 pts in July !

All in all, an 18 point swing while working full time and studying part time! Thanks for all your help and analysis! Anyone who submits scores will have complete anonymity - I only disclose the data itself. The data also enables me to update the Bar Exam Calculators that I routinely improve upon. You will find the free score report very helpful in pinpointing your problem areas. Even when I took the first bar review course and paid for a one on one tutor, everything pales compared to you. For more information on the free score analysis report or essay analysis report is below.

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The more information you give me, the better advice I can give you about what to do on your next attempt. I have looked at many failing examinee scores and tracked their outcomes so I can probably give you some useful advice. All information submitted is treated confidentially. Score Analysis Report If you email me your score report s , I will email you a free comprehensive page analysis of your score and my advice. Please fill out the online submission form or email me a copy of your score report to joe seperac. Click here to view a sample score analysis. In the past ten years, I have sent free score reports to over 4, examinees encompassing the July - July exams.

The analysis is extremely useful in pinpointing your problem areas and assessing your future exam performance.

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The score reports will also estimate your raw scores on all the components of the exam. Please note that it may take a week or more to receive an analysis if your score report is sent to me immediately after scores are released. You disadvantage yourself if you do not order and review your essays because you will not know what mistakes to correct e. This 43 page analysis reports statistics such as words, characters, paragraphs, sentences, sentences per paragraph, words per sentence, characters per word, Flesch reading ease, and Flesch-Kincaid grade level.

The analysis illustrates how your answers statistically differ from the released above average answers and other examinee essays.

I also analyze word frequencies and report any useful data. Examinee essays are also compared to the highest scoring essay I received. For example, one comparison reports the top 10 words the best answer used that the examinee did not. If you submit your essays for this analysis, while the essays are used for comparison purposes, any identifying information will be redacted and the identity of the essay writer will be confidential. Please note that it may take two weeks or more to receive an analysis if your essays are sent to me immediately after the exam results are released.

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A detailed explanation of the analysis is below. The information in the analysis will help you improve your overall written score. The analysis illustrates how your answers statistically differ from the released above average answers and other examinee essays, including the highest scoring examinee essay I receive. I then report the top 25 the ones that lead to the best examinee scores. The 'With Word' column reports how many examinees used that word along with the average points these examinees received green is above passing while red is below passing.

Often, the average score for such examinees is below passing, demonstrating the importance of issue spotting and keywords in achieving a passing MEE score. From examining this Issue-Spotting Analysis, you will see that issue spotting and using the correct terminology i. Often, when examinees use the same terminology that is contained in the NCBE Answer Analysis, the average score is above passing of course this also likely means the examinees correctly analyzed and concluded.

I see this occur with every MEE answer. To me, this is concrete evidence that the graders rely on the NCBE Answer Analysis for their grading and specifically look for the keywords.


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The MEE Analysis page examines how well an MEE score corresponds with confirmable external sources such as the above average answers, point sheet, best examinee answer, and the question itself. For example, if an examinee's MEE is highly correlated with these external sources, does the examinee receive a high grade? Conversely, if an examinee's MEE is not highly correlated with these external sources, does the examinee receive a low grade?

If another jurisdiction uses the same MEE for their exam and releases above average exemplars, I also include these MEEs in the analysis e.

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For example, if an exemplar has a low Essay to Point Sheet Comparison, what else did the grader find in that essay to warrant a high score? Since the graders are probably constant with each exam, examinees can use this information to fashion a response similar to the responses that graders have graded favorably in the past.

On each table, your MEE results are highlighted in yellow. This can give insight into whether you missed fundamental topics or lacked a vocabulary of important words related to the analysis of the essay. For example, I find that some examinees fail to use the word "because" in their answers.

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The failure to use words such as "because", "since" and "as" will negatively affect your analysis and can only hurt your score please note that the IRAC Analysis is generally more relevant to the MEE essays than the MPT. For style, examinees should modify their writing style to mimic the average style of examinees.

For example, if the average examinee writes four sentences per paragraph, but you write six, you should focus on writing fewer sentences per paragraph. Examinees should mimic the average style of bar examinees to minimize any disruptions to the essay grader's reading or grading process.

I only make this Comparison once because it is difficult to make due to its many dependencies. The reports contain the document text with the matching phrases underlined. The reports also show PDFs of the two essays you selected side-by-side. For example:. For example, in the above July sample, there are just 10 comparisons based on 3 examinee essays and the two released above average answers. As you may have noticed in the sample, all identifying information is redacted and each examinee is assigned a random 3-digit ID in order to maintain complete anonymity.

The Feb Comparison includes graded essays that range from 32 to Thus, you will not only be able to see what very low scoring essays are comprised of, but also what very high scoring essays are comprised of.

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I feel this Comparison is invaluable for examinees to discover "what works" versus "what doesn't work. For example, how many sentences do the higher-graded answers write to develop and analyze the black letter law for each issue. How does it compare to your essay? Reviewing essays that are "just passing" will give examinees insight into the content a passing essay consists of. For example, can an essay that only issue spots the issues receive a passing score.

For the MPTs, you can see how passing examinees organize and write their answers.

I found that to be extremely helpful.