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A good way to add depth to this discussion is to ask if anyone in the class has had to make such a journey or knows someone, perhaps in their own families, who have done so. What would it be like to be a migrant farm worker in the s? When students have nearly completed their reading of the novel, at least through the chapter titled "Los Esparagos" asparaguses , they will be ready for the third activity in this lesson.

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One goal of this activity is to encourage students to appreciate the many hardships and difficulties that Esperanza encounters and eventually overcomes in her new home. Once again, in preparation for this activity, you can go over the web resources in class or ask students to review some of them on their own using the EDSITEment Study Activity.

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Not all of these photos will be appropriate to the story of Esperanza, so you may want to select a few examples of families of migrant workers and photographs of farm labor camps for viewing by the class as part of the preparation for this activity. The Library of Congress American Memory website also has audio recordings of interviews made in and at migrant work camps in California.

An interview with Augustus Martinez and two with Jose Flores discuss work in the fields and life in the camps as well as labor issues and discrimination against Mexicans. Each interview lasts approximately eight to ten minutes. After students have reviewed the web resources and finished reading a sufficient portion of the novel, divide the class once again into small work groups and ask each group to choose a subject for a short dramatic scene describing some activity from a day in the life of a farm laborer or a member of a farm laborer's family.

These scenes should be based on their reading of Esperanza Rising as well as their background research. Some students may want to take the roles of union organizers who visit with the others and try to persuade them to join the union and strike. Others may describe a shopping trip at the Japanese grocery or preparing a meal after a day in the fields. While the class works on their dramatizations based on the novel, ask them to consider some of the following questions:.

When they have completed their dramatic scenes, let the students share them with the assembled class. They can either read them or act them out. The goal is to get students to identify with the hard work and living conditions, but also with the camaraderie among the laborers and their families. Ask the students what they have learned about the difficulties of Esperanza's life in California and the ways she has had to adapt to her new role and her new home.

While the previous activities have been directed at the setting and historical context of Esperanza Rising , the goal of this activity is to focus student attention on the literary qualities of the novel as well as the larger themes and the lessons learned by Esperanza from her experiences.

Once again it may be more productive to divide the class into small work groups. Ask each group to make a chart on which they list the parts of the story, the setting, the characters, themes, symbols, imagery, etc. Then ask them to create an outline of the plot of the story. Students should be encouraged to begin by asking and answering some of these questions:. When each group is finished, ask them to compare results with one another.

Some students may have difficulty identifying symbols and images. Try to get them to notice the way that the author uses the names of fruits and vegetables in the titles of the story's chapters.

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Ask them to identify all of the objects that seem to have special meaning for Esperanza or one of the other characters. This activity is a good preliminary to the discussion questions and writing assignments in the assessment section of this lesson. If the class has completed reading the entire novel before beginning this lesson, this activity could be used as the first activity in preparation for the others.

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Although there is a Spanish language edition of this book, some teachers may also want to ask students reading the English language version to learn some of the Spanish words used in the story. As they read Esperanza Rising , ask students to make a list of all the Spanish words they encounter along with the English equivalents.

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Encourage students to look up the definitions in a Spanish-English dictionary. When they have finished their reading, ask them to compare their lists. The similarities and differences in this true story of a Mexican migrant worker and his family may help place Esperanza Rising in an even more contemporary context. This story is one of several told by recent immigrants in both Spanish and English. Great Depression. Skip to main content. Lesson Plan. Photo caption. Library of Congress. What is the source of Esperanza's "hope" for happiness?

Why does Esperanza's story resonate today? How do familial relations influence how we view and interact in the world? Lesson Plan Details Background. Prior to assigning activities Review the lesson plan and the websites used throughout. Locate and bookmark suggested resources and websites.

Some of the websites with large numbers of photographs should be used with careful guidance from the teacher to help put the images into an appropriate context for the study of the novel.

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  • These audio files offer a wealth of relevant material. They can be assigned as homework, but will reward group listening and discussion in class. Each interview is approximately 8 to 10 minutes long.

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    Activity 1. A Birthday at El Rancho de las Rosas After students have read at least the first three or four chapters of Esperanza Rising , ask them to imagine what Esperanza's life was like as the pampered child of a wealthy landowner. Who comes to Esperanza's birthday party? Critical thinking ppt slides tips on how to write better essays writing a cause and effect essay.

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