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I have chosen friendship brutality and fear as the themes I will discuss. Friendship is the most important among the three major themes. An example of the friendship between Bruno and Shmuel was shown by Bruno when he shared his food with Shmuel when he was hungry.

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Another example was when they played together and confided in each other. Thus a bond of friendship was developed. My final example of friendship was when Bruno helped Shmuel look for his Papa.

Bruno had helped a friend in need. Both boys tragically ended their short lives in the gas chambers. Brutality is also one of the important themes in the novel. This is clearly defined when Lieutenant Kotler has beaten Pavel up just because he had spilled some wine on the Lieutenant.

Analysis: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, by John Boyne Essay

Also, an example of brutality would be when Lieutenant Kotler hits Shmuel as he was unfairly accused of stealing food.. This is very brutal as no one should ever abuse a child even if they are Jewish.

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The last exampled of brutality is the way the Germans treat the Jews. They locked them up in death camps and concentration camps. The German were very brutal, they show no compassion or mercy to the Jews. The last theme that I believe is important is fear. An example of fear was shown by Pavel. He was afraid to disrespect the Lieutenant as he was easily provoked and might do something unpleasant to Pavel. Lieutenant Kotler was also feared by Bruno and Shmuel. They had to be very careful with everything they said to him. Iluso auctions whinge powerfully? Glossary as bruno lives a questions and research essay.

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