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Cain Though Santiago had was not a religious man, when he was fighting with all of his might to win the victory over the great Marlin, he did find himself in prayer.

The Old Man and the Sea

Hemingway Interestingly, Santiago also fell several times going up the hill getting to his shack, an indication that his strength had been spent—even as Jesus fell under the weight of His cross. However, Manolin is determined to take care of him until his health returns, and at end of the novel the old man is again dreaming of the young lions, which represent smaller measures of strength and courage.

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Ironically, considering the evidence that Hemingway may have based his novel on an actual seaman whom he went fishing with while in Cuba , the fictitious character Santiago could have lived a long life. If his example was that of this real Cuban fisherman, Captain Gregorio Fuentes, he lived quite awhile, because Captain Fuentes was in good health until his passing in May of , at years old.

Fly Fisherman. Unfortunately Ernest Hemingway died in , after which Captain Gregorio Fuentes swore never to fish again. However, the boy was far from relating to the pain and struggle the old man had been through. Sensing that Santiago has gone to such extremities for his sake, he is almost as broken as the disciples of Jesus after seeing his bruised body being taken from the cross—Manolin could not stop crying.

He lived life to its fullest, and admired others that had also achieved success through work and dedication, such as DiMaggio. He always did his job to the best of his ability, yet knew how to stop and have a good time, drinking a beer and listening to a baseball game.

Essay on Isolation: The Old Man and the Sea and Santiago

He had a reserve of strength that he related to through the vision of the young lions on the beach in Africa—carefree and without fear. Though he was poor, he was rich. Though he was alone, he was loved, and through his love, he was undefeated. Sharks are drawn to the tethered marlin, and, although Santiago manages to kill a few, the sharks eat the fish, leaving behind only its skeleton. After returning to the harbour, the discouraged Santiago goes to his home to sleep.

The old man and the sea -notes, summary and analysis

In the meantime, others see the skeleton tied to his boat and are amazed. A concerned Manolin is relieved to find Santiago alive, and the two agree to go fishing together.

The Old Man and the Sea contains many of the themes that preoccupied Hemingway as a writer and as a man. The routines of life in a Cuban fishing village are evoked in the opening pages with a characteristic economy of language.

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Old Man and the Sea Essay Example

Hemingway was famously fascinated with ideas of men proving their worth by facing and overcoming the challenges of nature. When the old man hooks a marlin longer than his boat, he is tested to the limits as he works the line with bleeding hands in an effort to bring it close enough to harpoon. Through his struggle, Santiago demonstrates the ability of the human spirit to endure hardship and suffering in order to win.

The Old Man and the Sea Essays

It is also his deep love and knowledge of the sea, in its impassive cruelty and beneficence, that allows him to prevail. The essential physicality of the story—the smells of tar and salt and fish blood, the cramp and nausea and blind exhaustion of the old man, the terrifying death spasms of the great fish—is set against the ethereal qualities of dazzling light and water, isolation, and the swelling motion of the sea. It is a story that demands to be read in a single sitting.

It was cited when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in A hugely popular film adaptation starring Spencer Tracy was released in The Old Man and the Sea.

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