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AS-Level – Songs of Ourselves – Volume 2

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Learners develop not only knowledge and understanding, but also skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, helping them to perform well and prepare for the next stage of their education. It is part of the Cambridge Secondary 2 stage. It develops in line with changing needs, and we update and extend it regularly. It gives schools the opportunity to benefit from offering a broad and balanced curriculum by recognising the achievements of learners who pass examinations in at least seven subjects.

Learners draw subjects from five subject groups, including two languages, and one subject from each of the other subject groups. The seventh subject can be taken from any of the five subject groups. School and college performance tables Cambridge IGCSEs which are approved by Ofqual are eligible for inclusion in school and college performance tables. For up-to-date information on the performance tables, including the list of qualifications which count towards the English Baccalaureate, please go to the Department for Education website www.

How can I find out more? If you are already a Cambridge school You can make entries for this qualification through your usual channels. Assessment at a glance.

A Level English Literature - Eddis Tutorial Services

This syllabus is available to private candidates for the non-coursework options. There is a choice of three questions on each set text. Paper 2 1 hour 15 minutes Unseen From a choice of two question, each requiring critical commentary, candidates must choose one.

One question is based on a literary prose passage and the other on a poem or extract of a poem. Candidates answer one question from each section and must choose at least one passagebased and one essay question. No set texts for this component. It is available in the UK only. This syllabus is available to private candidates. Syllabus aims and objectives 3. AO3: Recognise and appreciate ways in which writers use language, structure, and form to create and shape meanings and effects; AO4: Communicate a sensitive and informed personal response to literary texts. Description of papers syllabus 4.

Candidates answer one question from each section. All questions carry equal marks. Candidates may take their set texts into the exam, but these texts must not contain personal annotations, highlighting or underlining.

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Candidates must answer at least one passage-based question and at least one essay question. Passage-based questions ask candidates to re-read a specific passage or poem from the set text before answering. All questions encourage an informed personal response and test all assessment objectives. There is no requirement to include work on a Paper 1 text. Naturally, there is much else behind, as it were, any poem: history, contexts, culture, biography, psychology, gender, politics, and all those things tied to material time and place and person—and in the end you may go there, since some poems demand it, and some more than others.

And very often, operating behind and within a poem is other poetry; here, understanding of things like a literary tradition and allusion can swell the meaning of a poem.

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There are also a variety of literary theories and critical approaches that can be used as a lens to see the poem. Finally, a note on key terms : hundreds of terms are associated with the study of poetry. In our Guide , you will see we have selected only a few, mainly those that you might immediately apply to your close reading; you can scroll over these underlined words for their definitions.

MLA Guide. Introduction: Poking and Probing with Questions 1. The Title 2.

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