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Role Of Media In Politics Media Essay

Research and development has lead to improved technology and an increased use of media. Whether it is the social media consisting of social networking sites or the media that comes under journalism, the whole media category has become an integral part of human life. When it comes to politics here is how media is used in politics:.

While running for election, all candidates use social media to inform their supporters about their upcoming campaigns and city visits.

An example is when Barack Obama took a picture on one of his tours and uploaded it informing supporters about his visit to the city. The media including journalists and news channels are always the first in line waiting for the start of political campaigns. They provide back stage and on stage coverage and educate people about the political process while giving live videos of candidates speeches during elections.

Mass media techniques are used to connect with people across the globe.

Influence of Mass Media Essay

From telephone messages to adverts on social sites, the use of media helps gets the message out there. The above mentioned points show how media is directly used to support political purposes. However, there is a whole story behind how media creeps into the mind of its users and forces them to think a certain way. This leads to an indirect way of driving politics. The different media channels are often found to be biased to one party or another. Technically this is against moral ethics as the media is supposed to report both sides of a story. This is counterintuitive when it comes to giving the public the proper information needed to vote.

These campaigns are led with showing incredible amounts of propaganda that favor the candidate while hurting the opponent.

Mass Media and Society

In more recent years, social media has been a great place for a candidate and go to gain a following base. By posting updates on what they are doing, they are able to get their word out to the constituents and show what they stand for. This form of media is the most prevalent to the public today and plays a major key in the presidential election. And the reason why is simply because young adults are shifting more of their attention online to social networks.

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Candidates are naturally incorporating social media in their campaigns to stand out to millennials. Election campaigns are now targeting social media websites to increase a following base for the electorates. The media has a larger effect on the public now than it ever has before being that we are in a new technology age where everything can be viewed from the screen on your phone.

Everyone is interconnected and candidates looking to gain support have a better opportunity now than ever before.

This new technology has shaped the way the election will be played out for future generations. The goal of the election is to pick the candidate the American people believe to be best suited to run our country for the next four years. Over the past few decades, campaigns seems to be moving away from political views and more about comedic and social interaction.

What should be happening is a highly informed political campaign of the ideas and the new thoughts that they could bring to the country. The media has poorly shifted the public into a new phase of entertainment over political information on social media. Overall it is having a negative effect on the way that we choose to vote.

The New Media’s Role in Politics | OpenMind

By already having a large social media base he has many followers that listen closely to what he says online and most of the time it ends up getting actual media coverage. It seems to be a brilliant plan by spending low amounts of money and getting maximum coverage. Of all the political campaigns, this is one of the first where the internet has opened a new avenue for candidates who are now able to afford to run in the election. Still there will always be other candidates that use super PACs to gain more leverage in the election.

Not everything read on the internet can be believed. There are many media sources that look to negatively influence the election in their own favor and very easily mislead the public opinion of candidates.

The Media And Its Influence On Politics

The super PACs control electorates due to the fact that they fund their elections, and in return these candidates make decisions while in presidency that favors interests of the super PACs. Most of the time these are large corporations that look to cut costs and fines on certain issues, or look to strengthen their grip on helping influence new laws that favor their opinions.

Going to sources that favor one political side will always have a bias towards what they are in favor of, and work to make their beliefs seem like the correct ones. Nowadays, it is getting harder for the public to be receiving correct news form certain websites due to falsified rumors. This new system has been in play and has really only affected this upcoming campaign. Media focuses more on how well they can make the opposing candidate look stupid in public.