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Beins, , S. Proper referencing involves giving your reader essential information about the sources quoted in your text cf. Beins 4. Thus, the reader of your paper or thesis can easily trace back your sources and access them if needed. The APA citation style is just one of many referencing systems that can be used as a guideline for referencing. Madigan et al.

However, it is widely used in other fields of study as well.

Even though the APA citation style originated in the natural sciences, it is now commonly used in the humanities cf. Samac et al. You should know that the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association APA provides a detailed guideline to writing academic research papers, addressing all formal requirements. This overview, however, focuses on how to quote in the APA format and does not present the Manual in its entirety cf. Recommended: Harvard Referencing. As you already know, APA citation is an author-year-system.

To cite properly using APA style, these components are crucial cf. Make sure to stick to the order of elements and the punctuation marks as presented here. If your citation marks the end of a sentence, it must be put before the full stop, as it is part of the quote cf.

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Hascher n. For example:. If your citation marks the end of a sentence, it must be placed before the full stop, as it is part of the quote cf. Examples: How to quote in APA citation style in the reference section cf. Gaddes, W. Eine neuropsychologische Betrachtung. Berlin: Springer. Whitney, E. Understanding nu trition 12 th ed.

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Editing PLUS. Our quality standard. Prices for proofreading. Proofreading or editing. The following table presents an overview of how to quote in APA citation style in the text as well as provide full references in the reference section. UCOL , Hascher n. What is distinct about the APA citation style is the above categorisation which is based on the number of authors of a source.

Moreover, the latter also distinguishes the APA citation style from other citation styles. The table above shows that the APA citation style requires you to list all the authors of a source for full reference in your reference section. Only sources with eight or more authors are treated differently. The new APA citation style guidelines 9 th ed. However, you must provide the last date of access if the contents of a particular website quoted are likely to be edited over time or even deleted.


The best practice is to be consistent and always provide the date of last access, and not just when in doubt. Furthermore, if you are unsure about quoting a specific source in APA citation style, check with your supervisor. It is important to check the format required by the APA citation style in order to cite those sources in the reference section below. If in doubt, you should definitely look things up in the APA citation style manual.

For instance, maybe you would like to quote a rather specific source that is not listed below cf.

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  7. The APA citation style manual is a detailed guideline that includes rules on how to deal with such special cases. Recommended: How to cite a book. Where can you find this manual? Every university library should have a number of copies of the APA citation style manual, as well as manuals for other citation styles.

    However, the table below provides you with a solid foundation on APA citation style basics. Moreover, quoting sources which are not among the most common ones as listed here is the exception rather than the rule. The following overview is adapted from Samac et al. APA manual ; Hascher o. Szuchman If you would like to quote using APA citation style, you have to make sure that the first line of each reference is left-justified and all following lines are indented cf.

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    UON Referencing Guide. Thesis Title Capitalise the first word of the title and sub-title and any proper nouns. The title appears in italics. Thesis Type The type of thesis "Master's thesis", "Unpublished Master's thesis", "Doctoral dissertation", or "Unpublished Doctoral dissertations" is included in round brackets after the title of the thesis.

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    Layout and Spacing The second and subsequent lines of each reference are indented. Tsao, S. If an author's first name is hyphenated, as in Shu-Feng Tsao above, retain the hyphen and include a full stop after each initial. RTO Code: Skip to main content. VU Home Library Guides.

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    Search this Guide Search. On this page Basic format to reference an unpublished thesis Referencing theses: Examples.

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