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The result of the research is to develop a model for service development and production, which better attends the existing models to the needs of the service buyer.

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Another, perhaps more important, objective is to try to solve the threat of violence against doctors and to develop this approach or operating models. These results hopefully provide remedies for better and safer work environment but at this point it seems that the security services provided by private security services are not sufficient to solve all issues that they promise in their marketing and advertising. Violence against physicians is something that I have not properly thought about.

Truly, physicians face one form of violence or the other. The need to protect them adequately can not be over emphasized.

Proprietary and contract security

By the word physicians, I guess you meant medical practitioner. However, I guess Nurses and other staffs like cleaners in the hospitals face more violence than the physicians.

Will your research provide possible legislation review? Finally, as you have pointed out, I guess the present security services provided by the private companies is not sufficient to solve all the issues and ultimately making the hospital environment safe for work to all and sundry. As Miikka points out, security is noticed best when lacking. I believe trust is the most important thing in communities and organizations.

Security and trust are connected, in my opinion. So I think Miikka's research is well in time - security topics as well as trust issues have emerged more into the public discussion.


The more untrusting problematic a community comes, the more its security is threatened? From the writing of Markku, I came to know for the first time that physicians face violence and threats of violence. This is really horrifying. Physicians are like demigods; they dedicate the lives to save human life. Therefore, their security is of utmost importance. If current private security services do not serve the purpose sufficiently in this regard, there is definitely a need for research for improving them and that is why Markku's research is a call of the time.

In addition to the representatives of the health care there are social workers who also confront violence, both physical and mental violence.

PhD Thesis Defense: Security Protocols Suite for Machine-to-Machine Systems

When I used to work in social services I felt the mental violence the hardest form of violence to confront and deal with. Thank you for the well written and clear text. It is very common to totally forget about this aspect of the job as a doctor or a hospital staff member. Honestly I can say with confidence that I have never thought that something like this could be an issue.

However after reading the post, I can see it very clearly how the chance are rather high for this matter to take place.

City Research Online

I am really looking forwards to hearing more about your research and the solutions. In my workplace in Welfare Division at City of Turku, for example, also social workers, project workers and office personals may confront violent and hostile client environment. Thank you for your comments.

The idea of include the social workers to this research is attempting. The solutions of this research are hopefully applicable to social workers.

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Security specialists in a SOC, called analysts, have an important role to analyze suspicious machine-generated alerts to see whether they are real attacks. How to monitor and improve the performance of analysts inside a SOC is a critical issue that most service providers need to address. In this paper, by observing workflows of a real-world SOC, a tool consisting of three different modules is designed for monitoring analysts' activities, analysis performance measurement, and performing simulation scenarios. The tool empowers managers to evaluate the SOC's performance which helps them to conform to Service-Level Agreement SLA regarding required response time to security incidents, and see the need for improvement.

Moreover, the designed tool is strengthened by a background service module to provide feedback about anomalies or informative issues for security analysts in the SOC. Three case studies have been conducted based on real data collected from the operational SOC, and simulation results have demonstrated the effectiveness of the different modules of the designed tool in improving the SOC performance. Repository Staff Only: item control page.

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