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I also doubt that they make a big deal of the fact that their historical namesake was a Turkish nationalist group behind the Armenian genocide.

Ben Shapiro Takes on Institutional Racism and White Privilege

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By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Princeton privilege-denier Tal Fortgang.

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Screen capture via YouTube. Jim Goad Stop worrying about good and bad More From Thought Catalog. Check Your Privilege? On a purely functional level, society simply works for white folks in a way that it doesn't for others. On the extreme end, just imagine if a black family had confronted law enforcement with a heavily armed militia, a la Cliven Bundy.

Would the feds have simply walked away?

Would conservatives be comparing them to Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington? On the more mundane side, just consider this brilliant and terrifying post by Tressie McMillan Cottom about being confronted by an angry cab driver, in which she has to weigh the imperative to call the police against the consequences of putting a black man in contact with the criminal justice system:.

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  • Peggy McIntosh Sets Record Straight on White Privilege.

As a black woman, I am the keeper of many things. Chief among them is the hope of black men.


White privilege essay princeton | checking my privilege bedford reader

A black man introduced into the criminal justice system for any violation, no matter how minor, becomes a son who cannot care for big momma, a brother who can't hold down his siblings, a mate who can't promise a paycheck, and a father who is a parent only when the penal system says he can be. Black women calling the police on black men has a long, tragic history. That history isn't just about protecting black mens' futures. It's also about how that leaves black women trapped between a rock and a hard place beneath an open sky.

Tim Wise on White Privilege - Study Guide - Media

Last night I called the police on a black man. I highly encourage you to read the rest — it's bracing stuff.

The White Princeton Student Who Doesn’t Think He Needs To “Check His Privilege”

What jumped out for me was that I have never in my life been burdened with such an excruciating decision. I can scarcely imagine what it would be like to experience the extreme emotional stress of violent confrontation, while simultaneously calculating the risk of getting yet another black man pulled into the crushing vortex of the prison-industrial complex. This is the kind of situation that makes Fortgang's "check your privilege" complaint even more petty.

It also simplifies the issue for liberals, who often speak of their privilege with a distinct air of hair shirt self-flagellation, as something that must be constantly apologized for.

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